HB 2093- PA Mental Health Provider bill (Cortez)

In the Texas Mental Health and Safety Code, Physician Assistants are not included in the list of “Non-physician mental health professionals.” PAs provide direct patient care, and have delegated prescriptive authority to treat mental illness in a variety of specialties; however, not having formal recognition has created issues with reimbursement for the care performed. In turn, private physician offices and healthcare entities fail to hire PAs to work in mental health. Across the state, this decreases the number of available providers to serve the mental health needs of Texas. To improve access to care, TAPA is seeking to add PAs to the list of “Non-physician mental health professionals.” Including PAs to the list will formally recognize the work many PAs already perform in all clinical settings across the state, and prevent any insurance or administrative issue a patient may face if he or she receives care from a PA.

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