Practice Management & Ownership

HB-504, Beckley (Re-File from 86th)

Currently in Texas, PAs can become minority owners of a medical practice, whether that be an entity organized as a corporation, a professional partnership, a professional association, or a professional LLC with the purpose of providing services that fall within the scope of practice of those practitioners. However, the PA is prevented from becoming an officer or participating in the business management of these partnerships. This, in effect, makes the PA a “silent partner” in a business in which they have a financial stake. HB 514, authored by Rep. Michelle Beckley (D-Carrollton), is seeking to allow PAs to be officers and to be able to participate in the management of medical practices in which they have a minority ownership stake. The bill does not change the ownership stake of any partner, nor does it interfere with the medical judgement of anyone in the practice. This is the second legislative session that TAPA has introduced this bill. "In 2019, the bill was passed unanimously out of the House Public Health Committee.”