Texas Academy of Physician Assistants

TAPA is a 501(c)6 not-for-profit organization leading PA organization in Texas that serves the profession through professional development, education, representation, legislative advocacy and a commitment to team-based care for the 10,000 Physician Assistants who serve as a vital resource to the medical community across the state of Texas.

Invest in the future of PAs across Texas.

A contribution to the PA-PAC is not only an investment in your future, it is also an investment in the future the medical industry in Texas. Your investment allows the TAPA PAC Board of Trustees to make contributions to candidates who are will help further the PA Profession in Texas; therefore, decreasing barriers to care.



TAPA doesn’t support candidates based on their political party. We are neither Democrat or Republican, rather, we are the “PA Party.”


You are an integral part of health care in Texas. Make your voice heard and help make Texas a healthier place to live, work and play.


Get to know your elected officials, answer calls to action, and let your patients know that you are active in progressing healthcare in Texas.

Our Bills

HB 1524- Schedule II bill (Lucio III)

HB 1524 would grant Texas PAs the ability to prescribe Schedule II medications and remove unnecessary Regulations on where these prescriptions can be filled.

HB 514- PA Practice Management bill (Beckley)

HB 514 would allow Texas PAs to participate in the management of medical practices in which they have a minority ownership stake.

HB 2093- PA Mental Health Provider bill (Cortez)

HB 2093 would add Texas PAs to the list of "Non-Physician Mental Health Professionals," benefitting them and their patients.