Texas Academy of Physician Assistants

The Texas Academy of PAs (TAPA) is Texas' only state-wide PA Organization dedicated to advancing the PA profession through advocacy and development. Our volunteer leaders work diligently to improve the health of ALL Texans. We represent all of 12,000 PAs across the Lone Star State, plus the 800+ students actively working towards becoming a PA.​


Think your voice doesn't matter? It does, especially when you combine your voice with other Texas PAs. Make an investment in the Texas PA PAC today & protect your practice and your patients. A contribution to the PA-PAC is not only an investment in your future, it is also an investment in the future the medical industry in Texas. Your investment allows the TAPA PAC Board of Trustees to make contributions to candidates who are influential and will help further the PA Profession in Texas; therefore, decreasing barriers to care.​



TAPA cannot support a candidate, but the TAPA PAC Can! The TAPA PAC doesn’t support candidates based on their political party; we are neither Democrat nor Republican, rather, we are the “PA Party."​


You are an integral part of health care in Texas. Make your voice heard and help make Texas a healthier place to live, work and play.


Get to know your elected officials, answer calls to action, and let your patients know that you are active in progressing healthcare in Texas.

Our Bills

Schedule II

Expand Schedule II authority to all PAs by allowing a physician to delegate the prescribing or order of a Schedule II in all healthcare settings.

PA Practice Ownership

Allow PAs to be officers and to be able to participate in the management of medical practices in which they have a minority ownership stake.

Creation of a Separate Texas PA Board

Move the Texas Physician Assistant Board from an advisory board of the Texas State Board of Medical Examiners to an independent, self-governed Board.

Join the Interstate License Compact

The PA Compact is an interstate occupational licensure compact for physician assistants (PAs). Interstate compacts are a constitutionally authorized, legally binding, legislatively enacted contract among participating states. States joining the compact agree to recognize a valid, unencumbered license issued by another compact member state via a compact privilege.